R4 Ballot #1 (Mixed Normative/Trial use) Release 4
This page is part of the FHIR Specification (v3.3.0: R4 Ballot 2). The current version which supercedes this version is 4.0.1 . For a full list of available versions, see the Directory of published versions
Public Health and Emergency Response Work Group Maturity Level : N/A Ballot Standards Status : Informative Security Category : Patient Compartments : Patient

Mappings for the immunizationrecommendation resource (see Mappings to Other Standards for further information & status).

    identifier FiveWs.identifier
    patient FiveWs.subject[x]
ImmunizationRecommendation Request
    identifier Request.identifier
    patient Request.subject
    date Request.authoredOn
        vaccineCode Request.code
        dateCriterion Request.occurrence[x]
        supportingPatientInformation Request.supportingInfo
ImmunizationRecommendation VXU_V04
    patient PID-3
    date OBX-15
    authority OBX-5 : OBX-3 = 59779-9
        vaccineCode OBX-5 : OBX-3 = ( 30956-7 | 38890-0 )
        targetDisease OBX-5 : OBX-3 = ( 30956-7 | 38890-0 )
        forecastStatus OBX-5 : OBX-3 = 59783-1
        forecastReason OBX-5 : OBX-3 = 30982-3
        dateCriterion OBX-3: 30980-7 = Next dose recommended, 59777-3 = Latest next dose should be given, 59778-1 = Dose is overdue
            code OBX-3
            value OBX-5
        description OBX-5 : OBX-3 = 30956-7
        series RXA-5-administered code
        doseNumber[x]         doseNumber OBX-5 : OBX-3 = 30973-2
        seriesDoses[x]         seriesDoses OBX-5 : OBX-3 = 59782-3
        supportingImmunization ? No clear way to associate in HL7 v2 or IG
        supportingPatientInformation OBX If OBX is associated with ( RXA : RXA-5-administered code = '998^No vaccine administered^CVX'), could contain the reason the vaccine was not administered
ImmunizationRecommendation SubstanceAdministration[moodCode=RMD]
    identifier .id
    patient .partipication[typeCode=SUBJ].role
    date .partipication[typeCode=AUTH].time
    authority .participation[typeCode=AUT]
    recommendation .outboundRelationship[typeCode='COMP'].target[classCode=SBADM, moodCode=RMD]
        vaccineCode .partipication[typeCode=CSM].role[classCode=ADMM].code
        targetDisease .partipication[typeCode=CSM].role[classCode=ADMM].code
        forecastStatus .inboundRelationship[typeCode=SUBJ] .source[classCode=OBS, moodCode=EVN, code="Immunization Forecast Status"].value
        forecastReason N/A
        dateCriterion .outboundRelationship[typeCode='LIMIT'].target[classCode=OBS, moodCode=EVN, isCriterionInd=true]
            code .code
            value .value
        description .text
        series .title
        doseNumber[x]         doseNumber .inboundRelationship[typeCode=COMP, .source[classCode=SBADM, moodCode=INT]].sequenceNumber
        seriesDoses[x]         seriesDoses .inboundRelationship[typeCode=COMP, .source[classCode=SBADM, moodCode=DEF]].sequenceNumber
        supportingImmunization .outboundRelationship[typeCode=RSON].target[classCode=SBADM, moodCode=EVN, code="immunization"]
        supportingPatientInformation .outboundRelationship[typeCode=RSON].target[classCode=OBS, moodCode=EVN]