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Defining URL: http://hl7.org/fhir/ValueSet/route-codes
Version: 4.1.0
Name: SNOMEDCTRouteCodes
Title: SNOMED CT Route Codes

This value set includes all Route codes from SNOMED CT - provided as an exemplar.

Committee: Pharmacy Work Group
OID: 2.16.840.1.113883.4.642.3.98 (for OID based terminology systems)
Copyright: This resource value set includes content from SNOMED Clinical Terms® (SNOMED CT®) CT, which is copyright of the © 2002 International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation (IHTSDO). Implementers (IHTSDO), and distributed by agreement between IHTSDO and HL7. Implementer use of these specifications must have the appropriate SNOMED CT Affiliate license - for more information contact http://www.snomed.org/snomed-ct/get-snomed-ct or info@snomed.org is not covered by this agreement.
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All codes from system http://snomed.info/sct
Code Display Definition
6064005 Topical route
10547007 Otic route Auricular use
12130007 Intra-articular route
16857009 Per vagina Vaginal use
26643006 Oral route use
34206005 Subcutaneous route SC use
37161004 Per rectum Rectal use
37737002 Intraluminal route use
37839007 Sublingual route use
38239002 Intraperitoneal route use
45890007 Transdermal route use
46713006 Nasal route use
47625008 Intravenous route use
54471007 Buccal route use
54485002 Ophthalmic route use
58100008 Intra-arterial route use
60213007 Intramedullary route
62226000 Intrauterine route
72607000 Intrathecal route
78421000 Intramuscular route use
90028008 Urethral route use
127490009 Gastrostomy route use
127491008 Jejunostomy route use
127492001 Nasogastric route use
372449004 Dental use
372450004 Endocervical use
372451000 Endosinusial use
372452007 Endotracheopulmonary use
372453002 Extra-amniotic use
372454008 Gastroenteral use
372457001 Gingival use
372458006 Intraamniotic use
372459003 Intrabursal use
372460008 Intracardiac use
372461007 Intracavernous use
372463005 Intracoronary use
372464004 Intradermal use
372465003 Intradiscal use
372466002 Intralesional use
372467006 Intralymphatic use
372468001 Intraocular use
372469009 Intrapleural use
372470005 Intrasternal use
372471009 Intravesical use
372473007 Oromucosal use
372474001 Periarticular use
372475000 Perineural use
372476004 Subconjunctival use
404815008 Transmucosal route
404818005 Intratracheal route
404819002 Intrabiliary route
404820008 Epidural route
416174007 Suborbital route
417070009 Caudal route
417255000 Intraosseous route
417950001 Intrathoracic route
417985001 Enteral route
417989007 Intraductal route
418091004 Intratympanic route
418114005 Intravenous central route
418133000 Intramyometrial route
418136008 Gastro-intestinal stoma route
418162004 Colostomy route
418204005 Periurethral route
418287000 Intracoronal route
418321004 Retrobulbar route
418331006 Intracartilaginous route
418401004 Intravitreal route
418418000 Intraspinal route
418441008 Orogastric route
418511008 Transurethral route
418586008 Intratendinous route
418608002 Intracorneal route
418664002 Oropharyngeal route
418722009 Peribulbar route
418730005 Nasojejunal route
418743005 Fistula route
418813001 Surgical drain route
418821007 Intracameral route
418851001 Paracervical route
418877009 Intrasynovial route
418887008 Intraduodenal route
418892005 Intracisternal route
418947002 Intratesticular route
418987007 Intracranial route
419021003 Tumor cavity route
419165009 Paravertebral route
419231003 Intrasinal route
419243002 Transcervical route
419320008 Subtendinous route
419396008 Intraabdominal route
419601003 Subgingival route
419631009 Intraovarian route
419684008 Ureteral route
419762003 Peritendinous route
419778001 Intrabronchial route
419810008 Intraprostatic route
419874009 Submucosal route
419894000 Surgical cavity route
419954003 Ileostomy route
419993007 Intravenous peripheral route
420047004 Periosteal route
420163009 Esophagostomy route
420168000 Urostomy route
420185003 Laryngeal route
420201002 Intrapulmonary route
420204005 Mucous fistula route
420218003 Nasoduodenal route
420254004 Body cavity route
420287000 Intraventricular route - cardiac
420719007 Intracerebroventricular route
428191002 Percutaneous route
429817007 Interstitial route
445752009 Intraesophageal route
445754005 Intragingival route
445755006 Intravascular route
445756007 Intradural route
445767008 Intrameningeal route
445768003 Intragastric route
445769006 Intracorpus cavernosum route
445771006 Intrapericardial route
445913005 Intralingual route
445941009 Intrahepatic route
446105004 Conjunctival route
446407004 Intraepicardial route
446435000 Transendocardial route
446442000 Transplacental route
446540005 Intracerebral route
447026006 Intraileal route
447052000 Periodontal route
447080003 Peridural route
447081004 Lower respiratory tract route
447121004 Intramammary route
447122006 Intratumor route
447227007 Transtympanic route
447229005 Transtracheal route
447694001 Respiratory tract route
447964005 Digestive tract route
448077001 Intraepidermal route
448491004 Intrajejunal route
448492006 Intracolonic route
448598008 Cutaneous route
697971008 Arteriovenous fistula route
711360002 Intraneural route
711378007 Intramural route
714743009 Extracorporeal route
718329006 Infiltration route
1611000175109 Sublesional route
180677251000087104 Intraventricular
461657851000087101 Translingual


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Lvl A few code lists that FHIR defines are hierarchical - each code is assigned a level. For value sets, levels are mostly used to organize codes for user convenience, but may follow code system hierarchy - see Code System for further information
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