Release 4 5 Preview #3
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Patient Administration Work Group Maturity Level : N/A Standards Status : Informative Security Category : Patient Compartments : Device , Patient , Practitioner , RelatedPerson

Mappings for the appointment resource (see Mappings to Other Standards for further information & status).

    identifier FiveWs.identifier
    status FiveWs.status
    specialty FiveWs.class
    priority FiveWs.class
    supportingInformation FiveWs.context
    start FiveWs.init
    end FiveWs.done[x]
        actor FiveWs.who
Appointment Request
    identifier Request.identifier
    status Request.status
    serviceType Request.code
    reasonCode     reason Request.reasonCode
    reasonReference Request.reasonReference     priority Request.priority
    supportingInformation Request.supportingInfo
    start Request.occurrence[x]
    end Request.occurrence[x]
    minutesDuration Request.occurrence[x]
    created Request.authoredOn
    comment Request.note
    basedOn Request.basedOn
    participant Request.performer, Request.subject
    requestedPeriod Request.occurrence[x]
    identifier SCH-1, SCH-2, ARQ-1, ARQ-2
    status SCH-25
    appointmentType ARQ-7
    reasonCode     reason AIS-3, SCH-7
    reasonReference     priority ARQ-12, SCH-11.6 / TQ1-9
    description NTE-3
    start ARQ-11.1, SCH-11.4 / TQ1-7
    end SCH-11.5 / TQ1-8/ calculated based on the start and the duration which is in ARQ-9
    comment NTE-3
    patientInstruction NTE-3
    participant PID, AIP, AIG, AIL
        type AIP-4, AIG-4
        actor PID-3-Patient ID List | AIL-3 | AIG-3 | AIP-3
        status AIP-12, AIG-14
    requestedPeriod ARQ-11
Appointment Act[@moodCode <= 'INT']
    identifier .id
    status .statusCode
    cancelationReason n/a
    serviceCategory n/a, might be inferred from the ServiceDeliveryLocation
    serviceType n/a, might be inferred from the ServiceDeliveryLocation
    specialty .performer.AssignedPerson.code
    appointmentType .code
    reasonCode     reason .reasonCode
    reasonReference .inboundRelationship[@typeCode = 'RSON'].observation     priority .priorityCode
    description .text
    supportingInformation .inboundRelationship[@typeCode = 'SPRT'].observation
    start .effectiveTime.low
    end .effectiveTime.high
    minutesDuration .activityTime[@xsi:type = ('SXPR_TS', 'PIVL_TS')].width
    slot .outboundRelationship[@typeCode = 'REFR'].act[@classCode = 'ACT'][@moodCode = 'SLOT']
    created .author.time
    comment .subjectOf.observation[@moodCode = 'EVN'][code = 'annotation'].value
    patientInstruction .subjectOf.observation[@moodCode = 'EVN'][code = 'annotation'].value
    basedOn .outboundRelationship[@typeCode = 'FLFS'].act[@classCode < 'ActCareProvisionRequestType'][@moodCode = 'RQO']
    participant performer | reusableDevice | subject | location
        type (performer | reusableDevice | subject | location).@typeCode
        actor performer.person | reusableDevice.manufacturedDevice | subject.patient | location.serviceDeliveryLocation
        required (performer | reusableDevice | subject | location).@performInd
        status (performer | reusableDevice | subject | location).statusCode
        period n/a
    requestedPeriod .activityTime[@xsi:type = ('SXPR_TS', 'PIVL_TS')]
Appointment VEVENT
    identifier UID
    status STATUS
    serviceCategory CATEGORIES
    appointmentType CLASSIFICATION
    reasonCode     reasonReference     reason
    priority PRIORITY
    description SUMMARY
    supportingInformation ATTACH
    start DTSTART
    end DTEND
    minutesDuration DURATION (e.g. PT15M)
    created CREATED
    comment DESCRIPTION (for internal use)
    patientInstruction DESCRIPTION (for patient use)
    participant ATTENDEE component to be created
        type n/a
        actor ATTENDEE: (Need to provide the common name CN and also the MAILTO properties from the practitioner resource) where the participant type is not "information-only"
        required ROLE=REQ-PARTICIPANT (roleparam)
        status ATTENDEE;CN="John Doe"; (rsvpparam | partstatparam)