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Patient Care Work Group Maturity Level : N/A Standards Status : Informative Compartments : Encounter , Patient , Practitioner , RelatedPerson

This is the narrative for the resource. See also the XML , JSON or Turtle format. This example conforms to the profile CarePlan .

Generated Narrative with Details

id : f002

contained : ,

identifier : CP2934 (OFFICIAL)

status : completed

intent : plan

subject : P. van de Heuvel. Generated Summary: id: f001; 738472983 (USUAL), ?ngen-9? (USUAL); active; Pieter van de Heuvel ; ph: 0648352638(MOBILE),; gender: male; birthDate: 1944-11-17; Getrouwd ; multipleBirth

period : 06/07/2011 2011-07-06 --> 07/07/2013 2013-07-07

careTeam : id: careteam

addresses : ?????

goal : id: goal; lifecycleStatus: completed; Achieved (Details : { code 'achieved' = 'Achieved', given as 'Achieved'}) ; succesful surgery on lung of patient (Details ) ; Annotation: goal accomplished with minor complications



- Kind Code Status DoNotPerform Scheduled[x] Performer
* ServiceRequest Partial lobectomy of lung (Details : {SNOMED CT code '359615001' = 'Partial lobectomy of lung', given as 'Partial lobectomy of lung'}) completed true 2011-07-07T09:30:10+01:00 M.I.M. Versteegh. Generated Summary: id: f003; 846100293 (OFFICIAL), 243HID3RT938 (USUAL); Marc Versteegh (OFFICIAL); ph: 0205562431(WORK),, fax: 0205662948(WORK); gender: male; birthDate: 1963-07-01; Dutch



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