Release 4 5 Preview #3
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Clinical Decision Support Work Group Maturity Level : N/A Standards Status : Informative Security Category : Patient Compartments : Device , Patient , Practitioner

Mappings for the detectedissue resource (see Mappings to Other Standards for further information & status).

    identifier FiveWs.identifier
    status FiveWs.status
    code FiveWs.class
    severity FiveWs.grade
    patient FiveWs.subject[x]
    identified[x] FiveWs.recorded
    evidence FiveWs.why[x]
        code FiveWs.why[x]
        detail FiveWs.why[x]
DetectedIssue Event
    identifier Event.identifier
    status Event.status
    code Event.code
    patient Event.subject
    identified[x] Event.occurrence[x]
    implicated Event.reasonReference
    detail Event.note
DetectedIssue Partial mapping from messages containing the AL1 or IAM segment, such as the ADT^A01, ADT^A08, and ADT^A60.
    identifier IAM-7
    code AL1-2 / IAM-9
    severity AL1-4/ IAR-2
    patient PID-3
    identified[x] ALI-6 / IAM-11
    author IAM-14 / IAM-16
    detail AL1-5 / IAM-8
DetectedIssue Observation[classCode=ALRT, moodCode=EVN)
    identifier .id
    code .code
    severity .inboundRelationship[typeCode=SUBJ].source[classCode=OBS, moodCode=EVN, code=SEV].value
    patient .participation[typeCode=SBJ].role[classCode=PAT]
    identified[x] .effectiveTime
    author .participation[typeCode=AUT].role[classCode=ASSIGNED]
    implicated .outboundRelationship[typeCode=SUBJ].target[moodCode=EVN, INT]
    detail .text
    reference .outboundRelationship[typeCode=INST].target[classCode=ALRT, moodCode=DEFN].text.uri
    mitigation .outboundRelationship[typeCode=MITG].target[classCode=ACT, moodCode=EVN]
        action .code
        date .effectiveTime
        author .participation[typeCode=AUT].role[classCode=ASSIGNED]