Release 4 5 Preview #2
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Patient Care Work Group Maturity Level : N/A Standards Status : Informative
Defines common extensions used with or related to the FamilyMemberHistory resource
Extensions :
familymemberhistory-abatement abatement :

The approximate date, age, or flag indicating that the condition of the family member resolved. The abatement should only be specified if the condition is stated in the positive sense, i.e., the didNotHave flag is false.

familymemberhistory-severity severity :

A qualification of the seriousness or impact on health of the family member condition.

familymemberhistory-patient-record patient-record :

A link to one to more patient records for the relation.

familymemberhistory-type type :

Purpose of the family member history or why it was created, such as when family member history is targeted for cardiovascular health, mental health, or genetic counseling.