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FHIR Infrastructure Work Group Maturity Level : Normative Standards Status : Normative
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Standards Status This element has a standards status of "Normative"

A human-readable summary of the resource conveying the essential clinical and business information for the resource.

Cardinality 0..*
Type Element DataType

The status of the narrative - whether it's entirely generated (from just the defined data or the extensions too), or whether a human authored it and it may contain additional data.

Cardinality 1..1
Terminology Binding NarrativeStatus ( Required )
Type code

The actual narrative content, a stripped down version of XHTML.

Cardinality 1..1
Type xhtml

The contents of the html element are an XHTML fragment containing only the basic html formatting elements described in chapters 7-11 and 15 of the HTML 4.0 standard, <a> elements (either name or href), images and internally contained stylesheets. The XHTML content SHALL NOT contain a head, a body, external stylesheet references, scripts, forms, base/link/xlink, frames, iframes and objects.

Defined on this element
txt-1 Rule The narrative SHALL contain only the basic html formatting elements and attributes described in chapters 7-11 (except section 4 of chapter 9) and 15 of the HTML 4.0 standard, <a> elements (either name or href), images and internally contained style attributes htmlChecks()
txt-2 Rule The narrative SHALL have some non-whitespace content htmlChecks()