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This is the narrative for the resource. See also the XML , JSON or Turtle format.

Return a graph of resources

OPERATION: Return a graph of resources

The official URL for this operation definition is:

Return an entire graph of resources based on a GraphDefinition . The operation is invoked on a specific instance of a resource, and the graph definition tells the server what other resources to return in the same packaage

URL: [base]/Resource/[id]/$graph


Use Name Cardinality Type Binding Documentation
IN graph 1..1 uri

Servers MAY choose to allow any graph definition to be specified, but MAY require that the client choose a graph definition from a specific list of known supported definitions. The server is not required to support a formal definition of the graph on the end point

OUT result 1..1 Bundle

The set of resources that were in the graph based on the provided definition



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