Release 4 5 Preview #2
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Patient Administration Work Group Maturity Level : N/A Standards Status : Informative Security Category : Patient Compartments : Patient , RelatedPerson

Mappings for the relatedperson resource (see Mappings to Other Standards for further information & status).

    identifier FiveWs.identifier
    active FiveWs.status
    relationship FiveWs.class
    period FiveWs.done[x]
RelatedPerson ParticipantLiving
    identifier Participant.identifier
    telecom ParticipantContactable.telecom
    gender ParticipantLiving.gender
    birthDate ParticipantLiving.birthDate
    address ParticipantContactable.address
    communication ParticipantLiving.communication
    identifier NK1-33
    patient PID-3
    relationship NK1-3
    name NK1-2
    telecom NK1-5 / NK1-6 / NK1-40
    gender NK1-15
    address NK1-4
    photo OBX-5 - needs a profile
RelatedPerson role
    identifier .id
    active .statusCode
    patient scoper[classCode=PSN|ANM and determinerCode='INSTANCE']/playedRole[classCode='PAT']/id
    relationship code
    name name
    telecom telecom
    gender administrativeGender
    birthDate player.birthTime
    address addr
    photo player[classCode='PSN' and determinerCode='INSTANCE']/desc
    period .effectiveTime
    communication LanguageCommunication
        language player[classCode=PSN|ANM and determinerCode=INSTANCE]/languageCommunication/code
        preferred preferenceInd