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Request Pattern HL7 Extensions

FHIR Infrastructure Work Group Maturity Level : N/A Standards Status : Informative
This profile defines extensions that can be used to provide alignment with the Event workflow pattern data elements for concepts that may be generally applicable but may be sufficiently uncommon that they are more appropriate to include as extensions than as core properties of the resource. See the workflow module for more discussion about this specification that are typically involved in workflow.


Extensions :
request-statusReason statusReason :

Captures the reason for the current state of the resource.

request-doNotPerform doNotPerform :

If true indicates that the request is asking for the specified action to not occur.

request-insurance insurance :

Insurance plans, coverage extensions, pre-authorizations and/or pre-determinations that may be relevant in delivering the requested service.

request-relevantHistory relevantHistory :

Links to Provenance records for past versions of this resource or fulfilling request or event resources that identify key state transitions or updates that are likely to be relevant to a user looking at the current version of the resource.

request-replaces replaces :

Completed or terminated request(s) whose function is taken by this new request.

request-performerOrder performerOrder :

Identifies the relative preference of alternative performers when the request lists multiple performers.