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The FHIR specification defines a set of resources, and an infrastructure for handling resources. In order to use FHIR to create solutions for integration requirements, implementers must map their problems to resources and their content.

The Resource List provides views of the resources organized in several different ways, and is the primary entry point to the resources.

This page describes the resources and their functional intent in more detail to assist implementers to understand their purpose and scope, and their supporting classifications.

Where to find common concepts in this specification:

Concept Example Where to find
Clinical Findings
Laboratory Results Blood panels such as CBC with Differential, Liver Panel, etc. DiagnosticReport with Observations
Imaging Study Findings CT Scans, MRI, Plain Radiographs, Ultrasounds) DiagnosticReport (some with Observations )
Diagnostic Test Results EKG, pulmonary function test, EEG Observations (and maybe a DiagnosticReport )
Vital Signs Temperature, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate Observation
Other Physical Exam Findings Auscultation findings Observation
Pulmonary Artery Catheter readings Pulmonary artery pressure Observation
Patient Problems, Allergies and Adverse Events
Allergy Food or drug allergies AllergyIntolerance
Clinical Diagnosis Diabetes, Congestive Heart Failure Condition
Adverse Event Adverse reaction to an agent, falls, adverse surgical events, hospital infections AdverseEvent
Patient History
Chief Complaint Cough, Pain, Fever, Fatigue Condition
Past Surgical History Appendectomy, Hernia repair Procedure
Past Medical History Diabetes, Congestive heart failure Condition
MAR (Medication Administration Record) Warfarin 5mg PO administered on 12/10/2013 at 3pm MedicationAdministration
Home Meds Warfarin 5mg, 30 day supply, dispensed on 12/01/2013 MedicationStatement MedicationUsage
Social History Sexual behavior, Smoking status, Alcohol intake, Illicit drug use Observation
Family History Mother has diabetes FamilyMemberHistory
Signs & Symptoms from a review of systems- Pain, Fever Condition
Suggested Physician Orders
Proposal for a laboratory test A blood panel, a stool analysis ServiceRequest
Proposal for an imaging procedure CT Scan, MRI, X-Rays ServiceRequest
Proposed Diet Order An oral diet order NutritionOrder
Proposed respiratory order Oxygen delivery Not done yet
Proposed Medications Aspirin, Lisinopril MedicationRequest
Proposed Supply Wheel Chair, Food Tray SupplyRequest
Interdisciplinary Care Planning
Patient Goal Reduce risk of falls, lose weight Goal (as part of a CarePlan )
Intervention Patient assessments ServiceRequest

In addition, to the information on this page, see also Common Use Cases .

The following frameworks are provided for helping to understand the set of resources provided in this specification: