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This page is part of the FHIR Specification (v4.0.1: R4 - Mixed Normative and STU ). This is the current published version in it's permanent home (it will always be available at this URL). For a full list of available versions, see the Directory of published versions HL7 Version 2 Table 0360 from version 2.3.1

Vocabulary Work Group   Maturity Level : N/A External Use Context : Any

This is a table defined as part of HL7 v2 .


Code System URL:|2.3.1
Value Set URL:
Version: 0360
Name: v2.0360.2.3.1
Title: v2 table 0360, Version 2.3.1

FHIR Value set/code system definition for HL7 v2 table 0360 ver 2.6 ( Degree/license/certificate)

OID: ??
CodeSystem Resource XML / JSON
ValueSet Resource XML / JSON

This value set is not currently used


Code Description Version
AA Associate of Arts from v2.3.1
AAS Associate of Applied Science from v2.3.1
ABA Associate of Business Administration from v2.3.1
AE Associate of Engineering from v2.3.1
AS Associate of Science from v2.3.1
BA Bachelor of Arts from v2.3.1
BBA Bachelor of Business Administration from v2.3.1
BE Bachelor or Engineering from v2.3.1
BFA Bachelor of Fine Arts from v2.3.1
BN Bachelor of Nursing from v2.3.1
BS Bachelor of Science from v2.3.1
BSL Bachelor of Science - Law from v2.3.1
BSN Bachelor on Science - Nursing added v2.5
BT Bachelor of Theology from v2.3.1
CANP Certified Adult Nurse Practitioner added v2.5
CER Certificate from v2.3.1
CMA Certified Medical Assistant added v2.5
CNM Certified Nurse Midwife added v2.5
CNP Certified Nurse Practitioner added v2.5
CNS Certified Nurse Specialist added v2.5
CPNP Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner added v2.5
CRN Certified Registered Nurse added v2.5
DBA Doctor of Business Administration from v2.3.1
DED Doctor of Education from v2.3.1
DIP Diploma from v2.3.1
DO Doctor of Osteopathy from v2.3.1
EMT Emergency Medical Technician added v2.5
EMTP Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic added v2.5
FPNP Family Practice Nurse Practitioner added v2.5
HS High School Graduate from v2.3.1
JD Juris Doctor from v2.3.1
MA Master of Arts from v2.3.1
MBA Master of Business Administration from v2.3.1
MCE Master of Civil Engineering from v2.3.1
MD Doctor of Medicine from v2.3.1
MDA Medical Assistant added v2.5
MDI Master of Divinity from v2.3.1
ME Master of Engineering from v2.3.1
MED Master of Education from v2.3.1
MEE Master of Electrical Engineering from v2.3.1
MFA Master of Fine Arts from v2.3.1
MME Master of Mechanical Engineering from v2.3.1
MS Master of Science from v2.3.1
MSL Master of Science - Law from v2.3.1
MSN Master of Science - Nursing added v2.5
MT Master of Theology from v2.3.1
NG Non-Graduate from v2.3.1
NP Nurse Practitioner added v2.5
PA Physician Assistant added v2.5
PHD Doctor of Philosophy from v2.3.1
PHE Doctor of Engineering from v2.3.1
PHS Doctor of Science from v2.3.1
PN Advanced Practice Nurse added v2.5
PharmD Doctor of Pharmacy added v2.4
RMA Registered Medical Assistant added v2.5
RPH Registered Pharmacist added v2.5
SEC Secretarial Certificate from v2.3.1
TS Trade School Graduate from v2.3.1