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This value set ( is defined as part of HL7 v3.


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Version: 2018-08-12 2019-07-31
Name: v3.EntityNamePartTypeR2
Title: v3 Code System EntityNamePartTypeR2

Description: Indicates whether the name part is a given name, family name, prefix, suffix, etc.

OID: 2.16.840.1.113883.1.11.20322 (for OID based terminology systems)
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Expansion based on version 2018-08-12 v3 Code System EntityNamePartTypeR2 v2019-07-31 (CodeSystem)

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Code Display Definition
DEL delimiter Description:A delimiter has no meaning other than being literally printed in this name representation. A delimiter has no implicit leading and trailing white space.
FAM family Description:Family name, this is the name that links to the genealogy. In some cultures (e.g. Eritrea) the family name of a son is the first name of his father.
GIV given Description:Given name. Note: don't call it "first name" since the given names do not always come first.
TITLE title Description:Part of the name that is acquired as a title due to academic, legal, employment or nobility status etc. Note:Title name parts include name parts that come after the name such as qualifications, even if they are not always considered to be titles.