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Public Health and Emergency Response Work Group   Maturity Level : 1 Draft Use Context : Any

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Version: 4.0.1 4.5.0
Name: VaccineAdministeredValueSet
Title: Vaccine Administered Value Set

This identifies the vaccine substance administered - CVX codes.

Committee: Public Health and Emergency Response Work Group
OID: 2.16.840.1.113883. (for OID based terminology systems)
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This value set contains 268 197 concepts

Warning: this expansion is generated from a fragment of the code system PH_VaccinesAdministeredCVX_CDC_NIP and may be missing codes, or include codes that are not valid

Expansion based on PH_VaccinesAdministeredCVX_CDC_NIP v2.ext.0 (CodeSystem)

Code System Display Definition 143 Adenovirus types 4 and 7
54 adenovirus, type 4 adenovirus, type 4
55 adenovirus, type 7 adenovirus, type 7
82 adenovirus, unspecified formulation NOS1 adenovirus, NOS1
24 anthrax 181 anthrax immune globulin 801 AS03 Adjuvant
27 botulinum antitoxin 173 cholera, BivWC 174 cholera, live attenuated botulinum antitoxin
26 cholera, unspecified formulation 172 cholera cholera, WC-rBS cholera
56 dengue fever dengue fever
12 diphtheria antitoxin diphtheria antitoxin
28 DT (pediatric) DT (pediatric)
20 DTaP DTaP
106 DTaP, 5 pertussis antigens antigens6 DTaP, 5 pertussis antigens6
107 DTaP, unspecified formulation 146 NOS DTaP,IPV,Hib,HepB DTaP, NOS
110 DTaP-Hep B-IPV DTaP-Hep B-IPV
50 DTaP-Hib DTaP-Hib
120 DTaP-Hib-IPV 130 DTaP-IPV 132 DTaP-IPV-HIB-HEP B, historical 170 DTAP/IPV/HIB - non-US DTaP-Hib-IPV
22 DTP-Hib DTP-Hib
102 DTP-Hib-Hep B DTP-Hib-Hep B
57 hantavirus 30 HBIG hantavirus
52 Hep A, adult 154 Hep A, IG adult
169 83 Hep A, live attenuated 83 ped/adol, 2 dose Hep A, ped/adol, 2 dose
84 Hep A, ped/adol, 3 dose Hep A, ped/adol, 3 dose
31 Hep A, pediatric, unspecified formulation NOS Hep A, pediatric, NOS
85 Hep A, unspecified formulation NOS Hep A, NOS
104 Hep A-Hep B Hep A-Hep B
193 30 Hep A-Hep B, pediatric/adolescent HBIG HBIG
08 Hep B, adolescent or pediatric Hep B, adolescent or pediatric
42 Hep B, adolescent/high risk infant infant2 Hep B, adolescent/high risk infant2
43 Hep B, adult adult4 Hep B, adult4
44 Hep B, dialysis Hep B, dialysis
45 Hep B, unspecified formulation NOS Hep B, NOS
58 Hep C Hep C
59 Hep E Hep E
189 60 HepB-CpG herpes simplex 2 herpes simplex 2
60 46 herpes simplex 2 Hib (PRP-D) Hib (PRP-D)
47 Hib (HbOC) Hib (HbOC)
46 48 Hib (PRP-D) (PRP-T) Hib (PRP-T)
49 Hib (PRP-OMP) 48 Hib (PRP-T) (PRP-OMP)
17 Hib, unspecified formulation NOS Hib, NOS
51 Hib-Hep B Hib-Hep B
118 HPV, bivalent HPV, bivalent
62 HPV, quadrivalent 137 HPV, unspecified formulation 165 HPV9 quadrivalent
86 IG 14 IG, unspecified formulation IG
87 IGIV 160 Influenza A monovalent (H5N1), ADJUVANTED-2013 151 influenza nasal, unspecified formulation 123 influenza, H5N1-1203 135 Influenza, high dose seasonal 153 Influenza, injectable, MDCK, preservative free 171 Influenza, injectable, MDCK, preservative free, quadrivalent 186 Influenza, injectable, MDCK, quadrivalent, preservative 158 influenza, injectable, quadrivalent 150 influenza, injectable, quadrivalent, preservative free IGIV
161 14 Influenza, injectable,quadrivalent, preservative free, pediatric 166 IG, NOS influenza, intradermal, quadrivalent, preservative free IG, NOS
111 influenza, live, intranasal 149 influenza, live, intranasal, quadrivalent 155 influenza, recombinant, injectable, preservative free 185 influenza, recombinant, quadrivalent,injectable, preservative free 141 Influenza, seasonal, injectable 140 Influenza, seasonal, injectable, preservative free 144 influenza, seasonal, intradermal, preservative free intranasal
15 influenza, split (incl. purified surface antigen) influenza, split (incl. purified surface antigen)
168 16 influenza, trivalent, adjuvanted whole influenza, whole
88 influenza, unspecified formulation 16 NOS influenza, whole NOS
134 02 Japanese Encephalitis IM OPV OPV
39 89 Japanese encephalitis SC polio, NOS polio, NOS
129 39 Japanese Encephalitis, unspecified formulation encephalitis Japanese encephalitis
63 Junin virus Junin virus
64 leishmaniasis leishmaniasis
65 leprosy leprosy
66 Lyme disease 04 M/R Lyme disease
67 03 malaria 05 MMR measles MMR
68 04 melanoma M/R M/R
191 94 meningococcal A polysaccharide (non-US) MMRV MMRV
192 67 meningococcal AC polysaccharide (non-US) malaria malaria
108 05 meningococcal ACWY, unspecified formulation measles measles
163 68 meningococcal B, OMV melanoma melanoma
162 32 meningococcal B, recombinant 164 meningococcal B, unspecified
103 meningococcal C conjugate 148 Meningococcal C/Y-HIB PRP 147 meningococcal MCV4, unspecified formulation 136 Meningococcal MCV4O C conjugate
114 meningococcal MCV4P 32 A,C,Y,W-135 diphtheria conjugate meningococcal MPSV4 A,C,Y,W-135 diphtheria conjugate
167 108 meningococcal, unknown serogroups 03 MMR 94 NOS MMRV meningococcal, NOS
07 mumps 127 Novel influenza-H1N1-09 128 Novel Influenza-H1N1-09, all formulations 125 Novel Influenza-H1N1-09, nasal 126 Novel influenza-H1N1-09, preservative-free 02 OPV 179 OPV ,monovalent, unspecified 178 OPV bivalent 182 OPV, Unspecified mumps
69 parainfluenza-3 177 PCV10 parainfluenza-3
11 pertussis pertussis
23 plague plague
133 33 Pneumococcal conjugate PCV 13 pneumococcal pneumococcal
100 pneumococcal conjugate PCV 7 152 Pneumococcal Conjugate, unspecified formulation 33 pneumococcal polysaccharide PPV23 conjugate
109 pneumococcal, unspecified formulation 89 NOS polio, unspecified formulation pneumococcal, NOS
70 Q fever 175 Rabies - IM Diploid cell culture Q fever
176 18 Rabies - IM fibroblast culture rabies, intramuscular injection rabies, intramuscular injection
40 rabies, intradermal injection 18 rabies, intramuscular intradermal injection
90 rabies, unspecified formulation NOS rabies, NOS
72 rheumatic fever 159 Rho(D) - Unspecified formulation 157 Rho(D) -IG IM 156 Rho(D)-IG rheumatic fever
73 Rift Valley fever Rift Valley fever
119 rotavirus, monovalent rotavirus, monovalent
116 122 rotavirus, pentavalent NOS1 rotavirus, NOS1
74 116 rotavirus, tetravalent pentavalent rotavirus, pentavalent
122 74 rotavirus, unspecified formulation tetravalent rotavirus, tetravalent
93 RSV-MAb 145 RSV-MAb (new)
06 rubella rubella
38 rubella/mumps rubella/mumps
76 Staphylococcus bacterio lysate Staphylococcus bacterio lysate
138 113 Td (adult) Td (adult)
09 Td (adult), 2 Lf tetanus toxoid, preservative free, adsorbed 113 (adult) Td (adult), 5 Lf tetanus toxoid, preservative free, adsorbed 139 Td(adult) unspecified formulation (adult)
115 Tdap 180 tetanus immune globulin Tdap
35 tetanus toxoid, adsorbed 142 toxoid tetanus toxoid, not adsorbed toxoid
112 tetanus toxoid, unspecified formulation NOS tetanus toxoid, NOS
77 tick-borne encephalitis tick-borne encephalitis
13 TIG 98 TST, unspecified formulation TIG
95 TST-OT tine test TST-OT tine test
96 TST-PPD intradermal TST-PPD intradermal
97 TST-PPD tine test TST-PPD tine test
78 tularemia vaccine tularemia vaccine
190 91 Typhoid conjugate vaccine (TCV) typhoid, NOS typhoid, NOS
25 typhoid, oral typhoid, oral
41 typhoid, parenteral typhoid, parenteral
53 typhoid, parenteral, AKD (U.S. military) 91 typhoid, unspecified formulation parenteral, AKD (U.S. military)
101 typhoid, ViCPs 131 typhus, historical typhoid, ViCPs
75 vaccinia (smallpox) vaccinia (smallpox)
105 vaccinia (smallpox) diluted vaccinia (smallpox) diluted
79 vaccinia immune globulin vaccinia immune globulin
21 varicella varicella
81 VEE, inactivated VEE, inactivated
80 VEE, live VEE, live
92 VEE, unspecified formulation NOS VEE, NOS
37 yellow fever 183 Yellow yellow fever vaccine - alt 184 Yellow fever, unspecified formulation
121 zoster live 187 zoster recombinant
188 998 zoster, unspecified formulation no vaccine administered5 no vaccine administered5
998 999 no vaccine administered unknown unknown
99 RESERVED - do not use 999 use3 unknown RESERVED - do not use3
AGRPAL urn:oid: Agrippal
AVAXM urn:oid: Avaxim
BCG urn:oid: BCG
CDT urn:oid: CDT
CMX urn:oid: COMVAX
DTP urn:oid: Triple Antigen
DTPA urn:oid: DTPa
ENGP urn:oid: Engerix B
FLRIX urn:oid: Fluarix
FLUVAX urn:oid: Fluvax
FLVRN urn:oid: Fluvirin
FVXJNR urn:oid: Fluvax Junior
GNDIP urn:oid: Diphtheria
GNFLU urn:oid: Influenza
GNHEP urn:oid: Hepatitis B
GNHIB urn:oid: HIB
GNHPA urn:oid: Hepatitis A
GNJEN urn:oid: Japanese Encephalitis
GNMEA urn:oid: Measles
GNMEN urn:oid: Meningococcal C
GNMUM urn:oid: Mumps
GNPNE urn:oid: Pneumococcal
GNPOL urn:oid: Polio
GNROX urn:oid: Rotavirus
GNRUB urn:oid: Rubella
GNTET urn:oid: Tetanus
GNVAR urn:oid: Varicella
HATWNJ urn:oid: Twinrix Junior
HAVAQ urn:oid: Vaqta Paed/Adol
HAVJ urn:oid: Havrix Junior
HBOC urn:oid: HibTITER
HBV urn:oid: HBV
HBVP urn:oid: HBVAX II
HBX urn:oid: Hiberix
IFHX urn:oid: Infanrix Hexa
IFIP urn:oid: Infanrix-IPV
IFPA urn:oid: Infanrix Penta
IFX urn:oid: Infanrix
IFXB urn:oid: InfanrixHepB
INFLUV urn:oid: Influvac
IPV urn:oid: IPOL
JEVAX urn:oid: JE-VAX
MENJUG urn:oid: Menjugate
MENTEC urn:oid: Meningitec
MENUME urn:oid: Menomune
MENVAX urn:oid: Mencevax ACWY
MMR urn:oid: MMR
MMRCSL urn:oid: MMR II
MMRSKB urn:oid: Priorix
MNTRX urn:oid: Menitorix
NEISVC urn:oid: NeisVac-C
OPV urn:oid: Polio
P urn:oid: Pertussis
PANVAX urn:oid: Panvax
PDCL urn:oid: Pediacel
PLCL urn:oid: Poliacel
PNEUMO urn:oid: Pneumovax
PRPD urn:oid: ProHIBit
PROQAD urn:oid: ProQuad
PRPOMP urn:oid: PedvaxHIB
PRPT urn:oid: ActHIB
PRVNR urn:oid: Prevenar 7
PRVTH urn:oid: Prevenar 13
PRXTEX urn:oid: Priorix-Tetra
QDCL urn:oid: Quadracel
ROTRIX urn:oid: Rotarix
ROTTEQ urn:oid: Rotateq
SYNFLX urn:oid: Synflorix
TCL urn:oid: Tripacel
VAXGRP urn:oid: Vaxigrip
VGRJNR urn:oid: Vaxigrip Junior
VLRIX urn:oid: Varilrix
VRVAX urn:oid: Varivax


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