FHIR Release 3 (STU) 4
This page is part of the FHIR Specification (v3.0.2: STU 3). The current version which supercedes this version is 4.0.1 . For a full list of available versions, see the Directory of published versions
Clinical Decision Support Work Group Maturity Level : N/A Ballot Standards Status : Informative Security Category : Business Compartments : Not linked to any defined compartments

Mappings for the plandefinition resource. resource (see Mappings to Other Standards for further information & status).

PlanDefinition Definition
    url Definition.url FiveWs.identifier
    identifier Definition.identifier FiveWs.identifier
    version Definition.version     name     title Definition.title     type FiveWs.version
    status Definition.status (different ValueSet) FiveWs.status
    experimental Definition.experimental FiveWs.class
    date Definition.date FiveWs.recorded
    publisher Definition.publisher (as string instead of Reference)     description Definition.description FiveWs.witness
    purpose Definition.purpose     usage     approvalDate Definition.approvalDate     lastReviewDate Definition.lastReviewDate     effectivePeriod Definition.effectivePeriod     useContext Definition.useContext     jurisdiction Definition.jurisdiction     topic Definition.subjectCodableConcept     contributor     contact Definition.contact     copyright Definition.copyright     relatedArtifact     library     goal         category         description FiveWs.why[x]
            detail[x]             due PlanDefinition     action Is a contained Definition
        label     url Definition.url
        title     identifier Definition.title Definition.identifier
        description     version Definition.description Definition.version
        textEquivalent     title Definition.description Definition.title
        code     status Definition.status {different ValueSet}
        reason     experimental Definition.experimental
        documentation     subject[x] Definition.subject
        goalId     date Definition.date
        triggerDefinition     publisher Definition.publisher
        condition     contact Definition.contact
            kind     description Definition.description
            description     useContext Definition.useContext
            language     jurisdiction Definition.jurisdiction
            expression     purpose Definition.purpose
        input     copyright Definition.copyright
        output     approvalDate Definition.approvalDate
        relatedAction     lastReviewDate Definition.lastReviewDate
            actionId     effectivePeriod Definition.effectivePeriod
            relationship     topic Definition.subject[x]
            offset[x]     action {Is a contained Definition}
        timing[x]         title Definition.title
        participant         description Definition.description
            type         textEquivalent Definition.description
            role         subject[x] Definition.subject
        type         definition[x] Definition.derivedFrom
        groupingBehavior         action {InverseRelationship of Definition.partOf}
        dynamicValue             description PlanDefinition             path
            language     author .participation[typeCode=AUT]
            expression     reviewer .participation[typeCode=VRF] {not clear whether VRF best corresponds to reviewer or endorser}
        action InverseRelationship of Definition.partOf     endorser .participation[typeCode=VRF] {not clear whether VRF best corresponds to reviewer or endorser}