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Clinical Genomics Work Group Maturity Level : N/A Ballot Standards Status : Informative Compartments : Not linked to any defined compartments Patient

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Generated Narrative with Details

id : example-pgx-1

type : dna

coordinateSystem : 0

patient : Patient/example Generated Summary: id: example; Medical record number = 12345 (USUAL); active; Peter James Chalmers (OFFICIAL), Jim , Peter James Windsor (MAIDEN); -unknown-(HOME), ph: (03) 5555 6473(WORK), ph: (03) 3410 5613(MOBILE), ph: (03) 5555 8834(OLD); gender: male; birthDate: 1974-12-25;


- Orientation ReferenceSeqId Strand WindowStart WindowEnd
* sense NG_007726.3 (Details : {http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/nuccore code 'NG_007726.3' = 'NG_007726.3) 1 watson 55227970 55227980


- Start End ObservedAllele ReferenceAllele VariantPointer
* 55227976 55227977 G T Target Haplotype Observation


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