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This tool, geared by an XSLT stylesheet, tries to extract some information from a HTML semantic rich document. It only uses information available through a good usage of the semantics defined in HTML.

The aim is to show that providing a semantically rich HTML gives much more value to your code: using a semantically rich HTML code allows a better use of CSS, makes your HTML intelligible to a wider range of user agents (especially search engines bots).

As an aside, it can give clues to user agents developers on some hooks that could be interesting to add in their product.

Extracted data

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BBG 4500 Iron Butt Ride #39 «» Bun Burner Gold 4500 Trifecta
The IBA BBG 4500 requires three consecutive, back-to-back-to-back days of riding over 1,500 miles in under 24 hours, i.e. over 4,500 miles in under 72 hours.
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